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This is a special event day on Twitter.  On Follow Friday, you get a chance to shout to the world those folks that you follow regularly and contribute to your well being on Twitter.  For me, that’s three fold.

First, there are a number of Ontario Educators that I follow who help me so much.  They’re always sharing, probing, challenging, commenting, commiserating, or do something that keeps me in touch with other’s reality.  In this group, I would include @thecleversheep, @jkdham, @aforgrave, @rdelorenzo, @redfearn, @kentmanning, @benhazzard, @barbaram, @msjweir, @MindShareLearn, @zbpipe, @fryed, @baded, @danikabarker, @cowpernicus, and @windsordi.  I know that there are others – but I refer to these folks as “active”.  In my Seesmic Desktop, I have a group entitled Ontario Educators and they’ve appeared lately in that column.

Secondly, there are a number of people that I have a list entitled “Daily Folk”.  This is an interesting collection of people that just live large in the Social Network world.  They remind me that there’s more to life than mine.  Vicariously, I follow their adventures and listen to their advice. These would include @kimberanna_com, @TheSCICoach, @jeffpulver, @pcornqueen, @paulina1, @georgiawonder, and @PRsarahevans.  Such a diverse group of people.

Image by luc legay via Flickr

The third group could be “everyone else”.  But, it’s not.  I actually have a third column that I call “Non-Ontario Educators”.  Surely, they enrich my life by providing insights and inspiration from literally the four corners.  I was fortunate enough to meet many of these folks last year at NECC.  Others, I just live the life online.  In this group, I would include @ErnieEaster, @mpesce, @LParisi, @mcarls, @unklar, @Lilylauren, @paulrwood, @skipz, @kjarrett, @alfredtwo, @mfh, @rmbyrne, @principalspage, @AngelaMaiers, @AngelaStockman, @glo, @teach42, @mrlosik, and @dwarlick.

The fourth group is everybody else and they’re awesome.  I’ll call them @*.*

Kudos to all of the above.  These lists are not inclusive; they’ve just been active in the past day or so and so have made my lists and I declare them officially active!  I also include them among some of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had.  @thecleversheep pushes me into corners for thinking that I’d never imagined.  @danikabarker taught me what a Yurt was.  @unklar is like my own personalized science teacher.  Even though he’s in Texas and I’m in Ontario, he’s helped me identify things in the night sky.  In the spirit of Follow Friday, check them all out.  You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for folks to learn from.

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