Finding Folks to Wave At

The excitement of having my Google Wave account faded really quickly.

Not that it’s not a really powerful utility.  I’m very excited and positive about the way that it’s going to change everything, if you let it.  The problem is that there’s nobody to wave at!  Other than the person that invited me to get a Wave account, I had nobody to collaborate with.  I started a goofy little Wave to test the functionality and can see the possibilities.  But, a collaboration of one or two just doesn’t do the potential justice.

After all, all that you have to do is open a regular email account and there’s lots of people who want a discussion.  I can’t wave at them though; I can just formulate a reply and wait for their response.  If I lose track of the conversation, I can wander my way back through a thread and sometimes even have to dig it out from the garbage.

Meh – back to Twitter.

@rmbyrne posted to Twitter that he had an account and was exploring.  I figured “What the Hey?”.  I’ll DM him and see if he wants to test the power with me.  Sure enough, he did and he added me to an ongoing wave.  Using the playback tool, I was able to see how the wave started and the threading that ensued.  As I looked through the wave, I realized that, had I been part of the original discussion, I would have jumped in HERE.

Just a second.  This isn’t email; this isn’t a threaded discussion; this is Google Wave.  Let me see here — hmmm, yeah, I can cursor over the desired insertion point and add my two cents worth.  Wow, that’s powerful.  With playback, we could actually see now only where, but when the comment was made.

This definitely is a powerful tool.  Through a post, I just noticed that @thecleversheep now has an account.  I add him to my contacts and then to an existing Wave and he’s in there almost immediately and we’ve working forth and back.  The excitement has returned.

The key is going to be creating a collection of folks that you do need the power of collaboration with.  I think that, until this goes wide spread, the best way will be to start a Google Wave column in Seesmic Desktop and see who else has an account and build momentum from there.

Well, time to turn to regular work functions.  Gotta check my mail ol’ school.  Email.

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