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A lot of people got to add “Bernie Dodge” and “Webquest” to their vocabulary of computer terms though his work in the design and promotion of webquests as an pedagogy for teaching with the internet.  More than using the Internet as a place to “get information”, the Webquest model, when used properly, elevated student engagement and thinking/analysis to higher levels.  I was an adopter of the philosophy, quickly becoming a big fan.  I wrote some webquests of my own.

A “No Bullying Proposal” Webquest
Choices into Action” Webquest
Computer Science Research and Development” Webquest

Through workshops for GECDSB teachers, many have allowed their webquests to remain online here

As a result of Dr. Dodge’s efforts, there were many people who become proponents and created resources to support the efforts.  I created a “Webquest Locator” which indexed webquests by grade level and subject area according to the Ontario Curriculum.  Do an internet search for webquests and there are thousands of resources created by followers and believers.

I think that it’s important when the online community gets behind a great effort.

Recently, Dr. Dodge offered a Saturday Teaching with Technology series courses called “Using Problem-Based Learning to Enhance Decision-Making Skills“.  The content of the course is particularly relevant as teachers take a look at current practice and think about how they can make it better.  It’s a terrific offering for those people who were able to make the trek to the classroom and participate.   The content is a next logical step to those who used Webquests effectively.  The current state of technology allows for more collaboration, and most importantly, the opportunity for more student questioning and thinking.

For the rest of us, the class is online and available to all through the use of Wiki technology.  Follow the link above to experience the course.  It’s a very powerful and far-reaching concept. 

In a world of constant change, this model offers a powerful way to get the concepts delivered to the masses in an efficient and consistent manner.

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