The Sky is Falling?

Apparently so and people are concerned if you’re using Microsoft Window XP.

Infoworld has an online petition encouraging folks to sign asking Microsoft to consider its decision to end retail sales of Window XP on June 30.

A report indicates that there are over 75000 people who have signed this petition.

Citing the high cost of making the switch, information technology professionals are at the lead of this initiative. I’ve had a few discussions with professionals who don’t want to consider anything Microsoft until at least Service Pack 1 comes out. The reasons are laughable and I think result from the lack of initiative to try it out and see what’s up.

It’s true that there will be memory upgrade costs and then the cost of upgrading the operating system. Time stands still for no one in this day and age. Looking around the computing environment, I don’t see any “Leopard Petitions (New 10.5)”, “Ubuntu Petitions (New 7.10)”, “KDE Petitions (New 4.0)” or any other product that upgrades itself for security and performance reasons. Why Windows XP then? I seem to recall that some of the folks that I talked to were dragged grudingly away from Windows 98 which wasn’t liked because it was just a fix for Windows 95 which was just a way to slow down DOS.

Instead of putting energy into maintaining the status quo, would the efforts not be better served testing and making the product better and planning for adoption? After all, how long has Vista been out and there are still folks who haven’t tried it? Microsoft is a big corporation, but even big corporations have to make sustainability decisions. You don’t see Ford Motor Company with an Edsel Division.

Can we afford to allow one platform to plateau while all others progress? I see new Mac vs. PC commercials already!

It reminds me of the old adage that “Life was Better Before Sliced Bread”.

Or, keeping with the Ford Motor Company theme, Henry Ford was reportedly quoted as saying “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.”

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