The $50 Laptop

I like Negroponte’s thinking.

I remember being in the audience when he announced the $100 laptop. Today, we’re talking about lowering the price to $50 by 2011.

The concept isn’t to produce a cheap laptop. It’s to produce the right laptop with the features that you need and don’t include those that you don’t. It’s those extra features that drive the price up and keeps the mainstream machines at a fairly constant price.

When you look at the classroom, just think of all of the extra processing cycles or DVD writing drives or numeric keypads or port gluttony that you get when you buy the traditional machine off the shelf. Sure, in industry or for the home hobbiest, these are important but when students type the great Canadian essay two fingers at a time, all of this functionality sits there unused, but most assuredly paid for.

The total irony is that at times we buy these high end machines with all the ports and drives and then lock them out so that nobody can use them.

Why not, then, design a computer with just what you need and nothing more.

Makes sense to me.

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