I’m not famous like Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Jack Nicklaus, or any of the other celebrities that have their Super Bowl picks posted on ESPN.

But, hey.  I have every right to be just as right or wrong as they do.

As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I should go with the party line and pick the NFL challenger, the New York Football Giants but I just can’t.  Much as I’d like to see an NFC win, I think that the Patriots are going to win and win big. 

If I’m New York, I’m really fearful that Randy Moss has been almost invisible in the run up to the big game.  I hope that I’m wrong.  I’d really enjoy a back and forth game that’s decided in the last two minutes.  Who wouldn’t.  I don’t see it though.

I think that the Patriots are going to hold an offensive clinic on Sunday.  35-21.

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