Upgrade Apple Products

I often wonder if there is a master plan in the release of the Apple iProducts. i.e. iPod and iPhone.

It seems that newer versions with more storage capacity arrive on the scene directly. As a customer, I find it frustrating to see the bigger products coming along knowing that the machine that I currently have is not upgradeable and does everything that I need. For example, my iPod is a 30G model, I have seemingly months of music on it, lots of photos, some music videos and yet I still have lots of room. And, I also love my Quirks and Quarks podcasts.

In fact, I fight daily with storage issues on my computer, but not the iPod. Yet, there still is something intriguing when the new iPod Touch comes out with 32GB storage or a real iPod, now called iPod Classic is good for 160GB. Heck, I still have one of the original 10GB iPods. Now, that’s a Classic. Both continue to work well, although the older Classic one is a little bulky when out on a walk.

It would perhaps be easier to accept if one of them stopped working. They don’t. They work as well today as the first time I loaded them with my favourites.

I wonder how many others are walking around with multiple iPod devices of some sort, dreaming of the next big thing to come along so that they can upgrade again. When is enough enough?

As the product line continues to diversify, how do people know when to jump in and when to upgrade?

It would be nice to know the master plan.

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