Adding Value to Twitter

Twitter is really an interesting service to use.  Unlike blog surfing where you might find something of interest or using RSS to check with your aggregator, Twitter only returns active and current things.  The incredible value in Twitter becomes apparent when you follow a significant number of people/services to make it so dynamic.  When you follow the people who have blogs and Twitter, they generally are good enough to let you know the gist of recent posts and include a link, you’re so there.

It’s like RSS on steroids.

But, if you just use Twitter, you miss the whole effect.  The key is to follow the current timeline and see just what is happening moments after it happens. 

I downloaded and installed Twitterific.  What a magnificent tool.  I had to physically force myself NOT to have it configured to be on top all the time.  Otherwise, I’d just sit there fascinated with all that’s going on.  I follow the latest gadgets, news, weather, and certainly people.  When you read about how rich other people’s lives are, it makes you even more inspired to stay up and share what’s happening in your life.

Unfortunately, Twitterific isn’t available for Linux.  That doesn’t stop you though.  If you’re using Flock as a browser, turn on the Twitter account feature and open the people sidebar.  Voila.

Looking for more alteratives?  There’s got to be something here to tweak your interest.  (tweet your interest?)

Sure, at it’s simplest, it’s just a way to let the world know that you’ve just got a haircut.  When you follow the right people and services, it becomes a continuous stream of professional growth well worth the minimal effort to set up and use.

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