Where there’s a will, there’s an internet way

The ima08 conference is on today. I can’t be there but would be very interested. It’s being streamed over the internet but streaming has its issues as in blocked or retraining or lost of signal…

However, Andy Carvin is in the audience.

Currently Jimmy Wales is addressing the audience and making some exciting comments about Wikipedia, its growth, the languages, the uptake in various countries.

I don’t have to be there. Andy is twittering all of the key points of the speech!

So, while I’m moving back and forth working on three different documents for the RCAC Meeting tomorrow and chomping on a Granny Smith apple, I have Twitterific following the tweets on my Mac and Twitbin on my PC. I’m not missing a thing unless Andy’s not tweeting the whole story.

Thank goodness my chair has wheels.

I now have stereo Twitter.

Hmmm. “Wikia has 4000 projects, 66 languages – not including Klingon.” Thanks, Andy.

Gotta stop blogging and get back to the documents. Where did my apple go?

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