Whatever happened to …

… soap on a rope?

I know that I’ve pulled some pretty obscure topics into this Sunday morning post but, folks, this one isn’t mine. The idea came from Sheila Stewart after reading David Truss’ post. It wasn’t about the soap so you’ll have to click through and read it. My thoughts will be about soap though.

For me, it was a regular Christmas stocking gift from Santa Claus.

Actually, this wasn’t quite what I got and that might explain my lack of a love life in high school. What I got was a two pack – one was soap on a rope and the other was a bottle of Old Spice aftershave.

Like most teenagers, I would wash with the soap and then douse myself with the aftershave to make myself smell good or so I thought. I got pulled aside once and said that I just needed a little bit to do the job!

The soap was interesting although. It was truly on a rope. We had one bathroom and one tub and yet my brother and I each got these for Christmas and we had to fight over how we would keep each other’s separate. I can’t remember whether Santa brought one for my dad or not. Did the elves really make it?

The rope really didn’t add much functionality to the cleaning experience since it only reached about halfway down your chest. You had to take it off to do the rest. It was there that there was the infamous drop the soap! Maybe the rope should have been longer or on a reel?

The advantage was that I would hang the soap on the showerhead and it would dry. There’s nothing grosser than using a bar of soap that was sitting in a soap dish with water at the bottom. Plus, it would shorten the life of the soap.

I’m not sure if Santa expected one bar to last for an entire year or not. My experience was somewhat less than that. Even less than that was the whole soap on a rope experience as the soap eventually worked its way off the rope! Then, it was back to using Ivory or Dove or whatever else was on sale.

For a Sunday, what are your thoughts?

  • Did you ever get a Soap on a Rope? What brand?
  • Did you ever use Old Spice aftershave? Or now? It’s a whole product line – https://oldspice.com/
  • There were other popular aftershave lotions at the time – I remember getting Hai Karate from my aunt one year. I see it’s making a comeback https://haikarateaftershave.com/
  • Did you ever get pulled aside and told that you were wearing too much of your good-smelling stuff?
  • We had to take showers after Phys Ed class and it was recorded by the teachers. What was the soap they put in those pushy things in the wall? Or did you bring your own soap?
  • Do you wear aftershave or cologne these days?
  • Is Soap on a Rope just a guy thing? Is there an equivalent for women? Or is Old Spice unisex?
  • Did you date someone who used a little too much of the smelly stuff – cologne or perfume? How did you handle it?
  • Do you have a dedicated soap or do you just go with what’s on sale?

I hope that you enjoyed reading the post and maybe cracked a smile or had memories of using this type of soap and climbing into bed to go to sleep with the fragrance.

All of the previous posts are available here to check out. If you have an idea for a post like Sheila did, just reach out. I like being pushed.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Doug, I remember buying soap on a rope for my dad and step-dad in the past. It really did used to be so popular. I’m curious about your gender question. I feel as though soap on a rope was targeted more towards men, but did women use it too? Thanks, as always, for your weekly trip down memory lane.


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  2. Memories indeed. Our stockings were always the place where Santa tossed in a few razor blades, a can of Gillette Foamy (a pretty solid can, if I recall) and, yes, a few soaps on the rope.

    But, for me, your post got me thinking that I was using the rope thing wrong. Not once in the history of my relationship with this product did I ever consider hanging it around my neck. I thought that, given its length, the rope was meant for hanging in the shower stall.

    I’m going to ask around the family to see if this was just me or whether all of my siblings laboured under the same misconception!

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  3. Very similar experience here. It was Old Spice for me too. And when the Christmas soap on a rope was over, it was Irish Spring or Dove soap. I also remember shaving for the first time and splashing on the Old Spice After Shave for the first time… it was the Home Alone experience except I didn’t scream, I held my hands on my cheeks in agony trying not to scream because I was too embarrassed (I wasn’t home alone).
    I think my sisters got soap on a rope at one point too, but it never got past being stored under the sink.


  4. And yet, I have never used or had one! I really did wonder if there were some good practical uses or advantages that I missed out on. Bar soap does have its challenges! I am enjoying the input of others here! We are all learning something, right? 😀


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