I guess you can’t have too many clocks.

I was reminded of this when I posted this picture essentially to highlight my Colleen Rose painting.

That was actually the second picture. The first one I took was this one and had the overhead light turned on showing the brownish glow.

You’ll note that I didn’t include my actual workspace since that is always cluttered. For the record, my laptop was displaying Tweetdeck and my external monitor had Spotify up for music.

Clocks seem to be a good going-away present. Looking at the collection, I see:

  • the amethyst clock from OSAPAC, all the way from Thunder Bay
  • the OSSTF clock
  • the GECDSB clock
  • the outstanding service clock
  • the clock on the iPod
  • the ACM clock
  • the clock on my phone which was charging
  • the clock I had on my office wall

If I was to turn to the right, there’s a clock radio and then a clock on the little television set.

On top of that, as we all know, there’s a clock in the bottom right corner of the computer screen.

One day, my daughter-in-law needed a quiet space to do some work and all the ticking drove her crazy. I always have music playing while I’m working so it doesn’t bother me and I don’t even notice.

And, yes, they all are probably set to different times although they should be close.

I’ve learned that, when dusting is necessary, I have to grab the Swiffer and do it myself lest I get the question “Why do you have all those clocks?”

By itself, that’s a really good question.

And yet, when I look at any of them, they have special memories for me. I’m guessing that the memories might go away if I got rid of any of them.

By themselves, each is a great clock. Together, they’re a great memory gallery or ticking inferno depending upon your perspective.

Since clocks are such popular gifts, I can’t be the only person with such a collection. How do you manage yours?


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