The good camera

Jaimie and I get out at least three times a day to get in our 10-15K steps. The morning walk is always the same; down the sideroad and around the corner to the fire hall and back. Mid-day, we’ll do a shortened version of that or we’ll head out for an adventure. Popular places this summer have been Petite Cote, Belle River Marina, Colchester Marina, Seacliffe Park, Sadler’s Pond, the Greenway, Erieau, and Mitchell’s Bay all come to mind. Give us a tree and we’ll be there.

The evening walk is a bit different. We’ll head into town and do a couple of laps of the King’s Navy Yard and maybe also the downtown core.

Ever since I got my smartphone, one thing has been missing from our trips is my 35mm camera. I figure that if there’s anything interesting, I can snap a picture with the phone. It’s convenient and fits in the pocket.

Last night has made me rethink my plans. I am under no illusion that I’m a photographer with any particular skill but I like taking a few shots every now and again to share with family and friends. 90% of the time, what I do works. But the other 10% is a real gotcha and it bit me last night.

We were doing the Navy Yard and a Tall Ship came up the channel. I snapped a whole bunch of images after zooming in with the camera with the hopes of getting a keeper. This was the best of the lot.

There’s a whole lot wrong with this picture. The river isn’t level and the amount of zoom has caused a less than crisp image. I’m aware of the shortcomings of my camera and try not to zoom too much to make the situation worse, but on the other hand, you want to at least capture it.

As it turns out, a couple of my friends had also captured and shared an image of the same boat as it travelled west on Lake Erie. Lisa Cranston had it at a distance on the horizon and Sherry had it a bit closer to shore. Both of them apologized for the quality of their shot but it just goes to show the limitation of a phone in the camera. Somehow, Lisa even knew the name of the Tall Ship – The Spirit of Baltimore. I was impressed.

As luck would have it my Facebook memories brought back a memory of another time and place where a Tall Ship was in town, I knew it, and brought my 35mm camera.

Truth; It’s from 2013 and I’ve learned more about lighting and pictures since then. The ship was a great deal closer and docked (i.e. not moving like the one last night was) and I recall wanting to really emphasize the sails. The wind appears to be blowing from west to east across from Boblo Island and that really billowed the sails.

I’ve known a few great photographers over the years, including my son who went post-secondary for media production. Heaven help me if I don’t get a level horizon! He’s quick to remind me. I’m in awe of the work of Patti Henderson and Peter Beens and a quick comment from Peter has always stuck with me.

I wish I’d brought my good camera

As I was previewing what I took last night, his message kept going through my mind. Now, my “good camera” pales in comparison to cameras that people that really take pictures seriously have but I know that it has capabilities beyond my limited skills.

And, where the heck is it? My wife knew exactly! It was right under all that dust in the corner. I grabbed some new batteries (usually we’re out of batteries so this was a very good omen) and the 8GB memory card with wifi was still in there. That part is going to take a bit of research because the network here has changed since the last time that I used the camera.

But the card fits nicely into this computer and I looked at pictures from 8 years ago, including these, zoomed in from the kitchen window.

As I discussed this with my wife, her comment was “you’re going to buy another camera, aren’t you?”

That may well happen at some point but I’m going to start taking this one with me at least for our evening walks so that I don’t let a moment like I had last night pass with just an attempt at catching it. Fuzzy images just don’t cut it.

I’m so fortunate to have made connections with people that really know what they’re doing in this realm. They serve as my inspiration to do things better.


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