Knowing audience

After Saturday’s post about the closing of my childhood church, my wife and I had a chance to talk about the good old days and how her church experiences were different on the United Church side. It got me thinking. I know that she doesn’t read my blog and so I actually forced her to read it before scheduling the post.

Mostly, it was the first run at fact-checking. As I mentioned in the post, the facts are crystal clear in my mind. That doesn’t mean that I’d got them all right but I tried.

Normally, the post is scheduled to go live at 5am and I post a notification to Twitter. It’s where I figure that any audience I might have would find it best. There are others that have used tools like following and RSS that would pick it up differently.

But, there was another audience that might possibly be interested and that’s the Facebook network that I have. There, people have connected not because of the nerdy me that writes periodically about computer stuff, but because we happened to be in the same place at the same time for whatever reason.

I have made connections with people I went to school with or supported their businesses as a younger Doug in the community. Since the content of the post was very specific to a particular place, I thought that I’d also make a post there for anyone who is interested. After all, with a well-crafted click-bait title like “Church for sale“, they might get interested.

And a lot did. They were also helpful in providing additional background information – another altar server shared a list of additional ministers, my wife’s next-door neighbour gave me a lesson in genealogy, and I got a trip back to penny sales and special meals which I kick myself that I didn’t remember for the post, and more. And, on the blog side, a person I hadn’t heard from for years, Ron Millar, made a Cambridge connection for me.

Writing the post felt a little self-serving at the time but I wanted to get my thoughts down while they were still fresh in my mind and I did. I blog as a hobby and it’s always interesting to make connections and get some feedback.

I felt pretty good about the connections and having interactions with so many.

It’s my blog’s raison d’être.


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