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Repurposing Christmas pictures

I hope that you enjoyed my Christmas picture as much as I did. To refresh your memory, or if you didn’t drop by the blog yesterday, here it is.

That’s such a great picture and I can use it in other places. Yes, I could bring it into Photoshop and do some work with it. I’ve done so many workshops showing exactly how to do that. It works fine and it’s a great skill to have. But now, there’s a quicker and easier way.

Photoscissors has designed an application to do the deed for you. For those moments when you need a quick background removal, there’s an online version of the application as well. You can find it here.

It works as promised. Just drag and drop and image and then indicate the background. Voila!

Now, it gets interesting. Suppose you want a different background or a coloured background. From the options on the right side of the screen, make your choice. In my case, I thought it would be nice to put Jaimie at the Navy Yard in front of the tunnel.

Then, there’s the whole thing of perspective. Using the handles on the sides of the image, I resize Jaimie and then try to background again.

Much better.

And it’s so very quick.

If you use this sort of thing often or you think you might in the future, make sure to bookmark this one. If you’re doing a lot of this, a downloaded and installable application will be nice. But for the quick and easy or Chromebook users, you’ll have fun with it right on the web.


4 responses to “Repurposing Christmas pictures”

  1. Doug, I’m wondering if this could also be a good media option for the classroom. It looks interesting. Will definitely need to take a closer look. Thanks Doug!



  2. My only concern about that, Aviva, is that I couldn’t find a privacy policy on the website.


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