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December 17, 2019

  • Keeping control of your email

    Is email a thing anymore? <grin> In my world, there are other ways to get in contact with me. My email address is generally used as a repository for blog post notifications and newsletters… But, your mileage may vary. If you’re using Google’s mail system, you might be interested in this feature. Suppose you send… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 12/17/2019

    The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! Stories via @brmf_rm @cyndiejacobs @UWindsor #students #drug — dougpete (@dougpete) December 17, 2019 tags: IFTTT Twitter Creativity Conference Webinar Recordings – YouTube Creativity Conference Webinar Recordings – YouTube – via @shareaholic — dougpete (@dougpete) December 16, 2019 tags: IFTTT Twitter The… Continue reading