Keeping control of your email

Is email a thing anymore? <grin>

In my world, there are other ways to get in contact with me. My email address is generally used as a repository for blog post notifications and newsletters…

But, your mileage may vary.

If you’re using Google’s mail system, you might be interested in this feature. Suppose you send an email to someone. The natural assumption is that it goes there, they read it, and then act on it. But, sometimes, the “act on it” can be not nice things. Like forwarding it to someone else, for example. Hopefully, it isn’t printing it and putting it in a binder. (Don’t laugh; I know people who did that)

Some of this Gmail addresses in a new feature set.

You can access the feature at the bottom of a message you’re creating…

Before you send that message, clicking the little padlock/clock combination icon reveals…

Check out the functionality. Want a message to expire – there’s a pull-down menu for that. The concept of a passcode in order to read the message is intriguing. Much like two factor verification, it adds a new level of security to things.

The whole thing is an interesting concept. I’m sure that the tech savvy are right away thinking of ways to get around this (screen shots anyone)?

It will be interesting to see if this feature has any legs to it. Will it be picked up by the emailing, er, gmailing population? If it’s popular there, will other email providers provide the same feature? What happens when you send a Gmail message to another provider? Will this invoke a new standard for email that all providers will have to observe? Lots of questions at this keyboard.

How about you? Do you see this as a must-have feature that you’ll be using regularly?

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