Your own countdown

And just like that, it’s December…

Growing up, my brother and I always had Advent calendars and the first of December was special since we could pop open the first of the windows and get at the chocolate surprise. But only one per day.

It was a popular item on sale at various retail stores we visited recently. And, go online and wow! It’s the ultimate consumer item. It’s not just limited to chocolate anymore.

For the classroom, what about turning it around and make it the ultimate making item! Why not make your own Advent calendar? Maybe not the chocolate type but how about something digital?

MyAdvent is an online resource to help out.

Instead of chocolate, you could add just about anything – text, images, Flipgrid, and video and document anything. Depending upon the start of the Break, you could have up to 20? days to do the deed. ## days of Geometry anyone, ## days of going Green, ## days of sketchnotes, …

Not interested in using an online service?

The concept is easily replicable on blog, online presentation/document/spreadsheet, wiki, …

What a beautiful way to countdown until the break.

In other Advent news, check out Lisa Noble’s weekly update.


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