This Year in Ontario Edublogs

Yes, you read that correctly and it’s not a typo. The normal post for a Friday morning around here is “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” but this is a bit different.

I’ve been doing that post for a long time now. Using WordPress’ duplicate title feature, that title has appeared 389 times. There are actually a few more because I’ve made typos and called it “The Week in Ontario Edublogs” a few times. So, if there are 52 weeks in a year, 52 goes into more than 389

a whole bunch of times. Actually, that’s a post a day for a year and then some.

So, why did I start to do this?

It goes back a while (I’m still doing the math). Blogging was kind of young and there were blogging recommendations that people would share. The problem this Ontarian realized, was there were a lot of blogs written right here in the province – why aren’t we shouting from the rooftops the amazing things we’re doing here? was my rooftop.

I stored, and continue to store, Ontario Educational blogs here. Some remain and others have come and gone; if nothing else, it’s a collection of professionals who have shared their thinking for the world to read.

This week, I’ve done something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Next week during our weekly podcast, Stephen Hurley and I will be doing a year-end summary so I wanted to create a document of all of the blog posts that we talked about on a weekly basis. Now, that document which I’ve since shared with him doesn’t include all of the posts that I write for my blog post. Typically, we talk about five on the show; then there’s a couple extra I add just for here. I don’t want him stealing all my readers!

It took a while but I went through all of the posts on this blog that I use to celebrate great Ontario blogging on Fridays. I really hope I captured them all. You’ll understand if I say that my eyes got crossed a few times. Of course, there are people who have been featured numerous times here. They obviously love to blog and share their ideas and I love to read them. There was a time when I would leave comments on their blogs. But, by putting them here, I’m in control and can sometimes offer more than just words.

Before I share the list from you, let me step back from the rooftop and go to street level and look up at these people. As I was working this document, I was just in so much awe as I revisited their titles and what I had written about them at the time. There is absolutely so much great writing and reflection. I am truly, truly humbled by looking at it. I hope that you don’t skip past this. Please take some time and look at the titles and the wide variety of content and wisdom that was shared.

I’m already having blogger’s remorse as I look at the finished product. There were some things that I could have done better. This was originally not going to go beyond the two of us but it was too impressive not to share.

But, there’s always next year.

Please enjoy and appreciate the absolute genius in the content that has been shared with the world this past year. Ontario bloggers are a terrific example of what people who are serious about their profession do. They share successes, outline next steps, and then push themselves to higher levels. I can think of no higher praise for both their efforts as bloggers or their dedication to learning and their profession.

Alanna King – @banana29Leaping with no net: autism for teens in Ontario
How to coddle a volunteer
UX/UI Design with Canada Learning Code
HTML/CSS with Canada Learning Code
When Political Penny-Pinchers Pilfer Your PD
Albert Fong – @albertfongTeachers tell stories
Amanda Potts – @AhpottsWhy he comes to class
He may be right; I may be crazy
He talks about me at home
When friendship lasts
For Mrs. Barkman
Amy Bowker – @amyebowkerGoal Setting in the Classroom
Andrea Haefele – @andreahaefeleDear Other Mom
Andrew Campbell – @acampbell99An Alternative To A School Cellphone Ban
Your Students Should Nap (and so should you)
Ann Marie Luce – @turnmeluceThe value of the Exit Interview
Morale Compass
Anna Bartosik – @ambartosikCitation practices, using databases, and literature reviews #MyResearch
Independent Reading and Research, Week 1: Data Tool Analysis #MyResearch
Anne Shillolo – @anneshilloloOnline Pre-School
Anne-Marie Kee – @AMKeeLCSShould schools ban cell-phones?
What do trees have to do with well-being? (Trees Part Two)
Focus on Trees – Part One
Have you ever put a tooth in the microwave?
Arianna Lambert – @MsALambertHour of Code Is Coming…
Podcasts for Students
Long-Range Plans
The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning Resource
Association for Media Literacy – @A_M_LTaking Old Town Road to School
Aviva Dunsiger – @avivalocaMy Look At The Holidays: What Are Your Stories?
Back To The Map Of Canada: What Do You Do With That 2%?
Wondering About WHMIS: When Compliance Training Makes You Reflect On Assessment & Evaluation
What Makes A Partnership Work?
What Do You Do On A Perfect Day?
How Do We Use Our Powerful Words For Good?
Educating Grayson: How Do We Make Inclusion Work?
Do We Need A Scaffolded Approach to Bullying
A Lot More Good …
How Do You Define Beauty?
When “Dear Other Mom” Becomes “Dear Educators And Parents”
Can Kids Understand Equity?
This is WHY I Speak Up. Why Do You?
Beate Planche – @bmplancheMomentum and the positive side of constraints
Beth Lyons – @mrslyonslibrarySharing the LLC Space- An Advocate’s Infographic
Maker. Space. Inquiry. Place. What might be the connection?
What the Librarian Read Part 1
On Being a “Teacher-Librarian”
Preserving the Cup
Podcast PD?
Social Media- What is it good for?
Preserving the Cup
Bonnie Stewart – @bonstewartExperience Required: Walking the Talk in Digital Teaching & Learning
The #UWinToolParade: Open Pedagogy as #OER
bringing back the participatory: a story of the #ProSocialWeb
Brenda Sherry – @brendasherryExploring By The Seat of Your Pants
No First Day Jitters This Year!
Cal Armstrong – @sig225The structure of the Interstitial App, or, Observations & Conversations – Part 2
Observations & Conversations: Part 1 of many?
Choose your own… PD.
Charles Pascal – @CEPascalMindless cuts to education puts our future at risk
Colleen Rose – @ColleenKRTake 10 Minutes
A Stitch in Time
Keep it Simple. (thanks, Rachel)
Conrad Glogowski – @teachandlearnPodcasts on Youth Development
David Carruthers – @dcarrutherseduGo Magic! Let’s do this! 🙂
Do You Have A Safety Net?
Reflections from the Tech Guy
David Petro – @davidpetro314Math Links for Week Ending Jan 25th, 2019
Math Links for Week Ending Oct. 25th, 2019
Math Links for Week Ending May 3rd, 2019
Deanna McLennan – @McLennan1977Autumn Math Walk
What does the equal sign really mean?
Deb Weston – @dr_weston_PhDClass Size and Composition Matters
Why students walked out today – April 4th, 2019
Did you get your flu shot yet?
Violence in Ontario Schools
Evaluating e-learning
The Courage to Teach
Debbie Donsky – @DebbieDonskyFrom Compliance to Commitment Takes Personal Accountability
A Career Marked by Change: Learning the Big Lessons in Some Small Places
“You aren’t what I was expecting…”
The Fear of Writing: Finding Your Voice When Writing within an Organization
The Caterpillar Math Problem: Is it possible to be unbiased in our assessment?
Deborah McCallum – @BigideasineduLeadership & Goal Setting for Math Learning
Guided Reading for Math?
Virtual Reality in the Math Class: Moving from Abstract to Concrete
Guided Reading with Adolescent Readers
Make your Feedback more Productive
Supporting Struggling Students in Math
Derek Tangredi – @dtangredWorking with Children in Makerspaces
Diana Maliszewski – @MzMollyTLFirst Day Back
Reconnecting with my cultural roots
Making Kindergarten Media Projects with Meaning
The Gift of Staying Connected – Thanks Andrew and Diana
Further Reflections after Faith in the System Podcast
Reflections on NAMLE Part 1
Happy 40th Anniversary AML!
Hit By A Car
Reflections on NAMLE Part 2
Reflections on NAMLE Part 3
Happy #DLweekTO
Full STEAM ahead with Blue Spruce Books
My Many Microaggressions
Diana Maliszewski and Neil Andersen – @MzMollyTL and @mediaseeBaby It’s Cold Outside: The Saga of a Song
ECOO – @ecooorgECOOcamp Owen Sound 2019
Fair Chance Learning – @FCLEduIndigenous Institute Blends Tradition & Tech to Preserve Anishinaabe Teachings
Using Technology to Drive Language Skills and Create Meaningful Learning Opportunities
Implementing Survivor Mode into Student Learning in MinecraftEE
HP Maker Challenge
Fleming College Learning Design and Support Team Blog – @FlemingLDSWeek 4, Winter 2019
Harnessing Assessment – @HarnessingADescriptive Feedback: The Engine that Powers Learning
Hatch Coding – @hatchcodingSpending time with professional teachers
Heather Lye – @MsHLyeBittersweet Year End
Heather Swail – @hbswailTMB Withdrawal
Heather Theijsmeijer – @HTheijsmeijerFirst Week of Math: Resources to help make connections & build relationships
Making the Shift Toward Tracking Observations
When a Drawing is Not Just a Drawing
Heidi Solway – @hsolwayRoll Out The Red Carpet
30 Days of Gratitude: Day 26 – The Perfection in Imperfection
Helen DeWaard – @hj_dewaardThinking about Feedback
Helen Kubiw – @HelenKubiwGoodnight, World
Ian McTavish – @ianmctClass size changes – my perspective. #ontedannouncement
Indigenous Awareness – @indigenousawrns‼️‼️ELECTION DAY‼️‼️
Indygo Arscott – @decolonizeontOntario Students Hold Walkouts in Protest of Progressive Conservative Party’s Policy Proposals
Irene Stewart – @IrenequStewartIrene learns about teaching: Part 1a
Irene learns about teaching – Part 1b
Interviewing My Domain
Jamey Byers – @mrJameyByersBOOKMARKS ON TWITTER
Jay DuBois – @Jay__DuboisThe Grade 3 ‘Travelling Genius Bar’
Jen Apgar – @jenapgarDesign Thinking and 3D printing challenges
Jen Giffen – @virtualGiffAnother Day another EdTech conference! #ECOOCamp 2019
Twitter – To Reply or Reply All?
Jennifer Arp – @Jennifer_ArpFull-Day Kindergarten at it’s best: awesome things are happening in Room 102
Jennifer Aston – @mme_astonThis Blog is not Dead it’s…
Another One Bites the Dust?
Parlons Minecraft BIT2019
Building a Google Site and Relationships with Parents
A Tale That Endures
Jennifer Brown – @JennMacBrownReflection and Self-indulgence
Jennifer Casa-Todd – @jcasatoddThree lessons on Grit and Resilience
My device. My terms. 3 strategies for finding balance.
No Wifi: Pretend it’s 1993
What school and Curling have in common
The risk of digital leadership
Help! My child wants a YouTube channel
Five reasons why banning cellphones is a bad idea
Jessica O’Reilly – @Cambrian_JessSo Why SoTL?
Sidney Helped
Finding Middle Ground
Jessica Outram – @jessicaoutramMoccasin Flowers: A Work-in-Progress
Jim Cash – @cashjimWhy do you want kids to code?
Mathland Actually
Scratch 3.0 is Here!
Joanne Babalis – @joannebabalisSebby Dee turns 3!
Joe Archer – @ArcherJoeExploring Classroom Expectations while using WipeBook Chart Paper
Swimming with my fish! Do it ALL!!
Joel McLean – @jprofNBThe DNA of a leader
“I Don’t Have Time For That”
R.E.A.L. Leadership
Find A Vision
A Positive Climate For A Culture Of Growth
Jonathan So – @MrSoClassroomPerseverance, struggle and a little grit: How running a 53km race relates to Education
If we want our students to (insert word) it starts with us
Judy Redknine, Toby Molouba – @redknine and @tmoloubaIt’s a Matter of Relationships
Karaline Vlahopoulos – @KaralineVla99 Needs and They’re All Student Related
Kelly McLaughlinSchool year start up
Krista McCracken – @kristamccrackenCommunity Archives and Identity
Preserving and Listening to Soundscapes
Kyleen Gray – @TCHevolutionThe problem(s) with mandatory e-learning…
Why (as a teacher and parent) I Value Standardized Testing
Arguments for Teacher Performance Pay in Ontario
Laura Bottrell – @L_BottrellRethinking End of Year Countdowns
Laura Elliott – @lauraelliottPhDStandardized bodies < Accepting & Celebrating Difference
My ‘Why?’ …
Helping our Girls Reframe Anxiety – it’s not all bad!
Laura Wheeler – @wheeler_lauraLearning in the Loo: Collaborative Kahoot Quiz
Lisa Corbett – @LisaCorbett0261This week we did…something
Update: Assessment
Slice is of Life: Who Needs Me?
Day 3: Relax
Summer Math:Counting and Subitizing
Slice of Life: Published
A little of this, a little of that
Writer’s Self-Regulations Project
Addition of double digit numbers
Lisa Cranston – @lisacranWe teach students not just content
Beyond Behaviour Charts
Self-Care for Writers
Lisa Floyd – @lisaannefloydText to Speech and Translation Blocks in Scratch 3.0
Lisa Munro – @LisaMunro11New Journeys
Lynn Thomas – @THOMLYNN101H is for Happy
F is for Frankenstein, Focus & Future Ready
D is for Debate
B is for Brainy, Bold & Beautiful
Q is for Questions and Not Getting Caught in the Quagmire
P is for Patience
O is for Outside the Box
L is for light
K is for Knowledge
Maggie Fay – @maggiefay_Hallway Connections: Autism and Coding via @maggiefay_
Mark Chubb – @MarkChubb3Strategies vs Models
One-Hole Punch Puzzle Templates
The More Strategies, the Better?
Marc Hodgkinson – @Mr_H_TeacherThe 500 – #452 – John Prine – Debut
Martina Fasano – @RokStarTeacherWhy Caring Adults Matter: An Ode To My Alma Mater
Matthew Morris – @callmemrmorrisCell Phone Ban in Classrooms
Does Black History Month still hold meaning in 2019
5 School Ideas for Black History Month
I Think My Neighbors Think I’m Selling Dope
Equity Tech’quity
Speaking on and about black male students
Matthew Oldridge – @matthewoldridgeUsing Play to Teach Math
Too Random, Or Not Random Enough: Student Misunderstandings About Probability In Coin Flipping
The Playful Approach to Math
An Oscar-esque thank you speech type of blog post
Melanie White – @WhiteRoomRadioNurturing Guilt
Merit Centre – @Self_RegA Self-Reg Look At “Preparing Kids”: Is It Time To Change The Conversation?
No Such Thing as a Bad Kid
Michelle Fenn – @toadmummyThe Gender Gap in Technology
Coding with Microbits
Mike Washburn – @misterwashburnWHEN LAST PLACE FEELS LIKE FIRST PLACE
Nancy DrewReckless Abandon!
Neil Anderson – @mediaseeHighlights of the National Association of Media Literacy Educators Conference
Noa Daniel – @noasbobsPitch Day 2019
Elevate your Audience
My River, My Mountain- A Day of Learning with Jennifer Abrams
TTalks for Impact 2019
This Week in Ontario Playlists – Doug Peterson’s P3
Patt Olivieri – @pattolivieriDear Jordan…
Paul Gauchi – @PCMalteseFalconFriday Two Cents: Positive Thoughts For The New Year
Friday Two Cents: Honour Our Past To Understand Our Present
Friday Two Cents: The Language of Art
Comic Strips: School’s Out for Summer
Paul McGuire – @mcguirpWhen your plan is no longer the plan
Tour de Mont Blanc – Day Eight for Climb for Kids
When it comes to mental health in Canada, the gap is still too wide
“What Do You Say When Our Social Institutions Are Under Attack?”
Trolls Creep Into the Education Debate in Ontario
Self-Regulation and Evangelism in Education
Class Sizes Really Matter
Has inclusive education gone too far? – The Globe and Mail debate
Naming and Shaming
Walking in a New Way – the Ottawa Indigenous Walk
History in the Making – Creating Digital History Techbooks
New Beginnings, New Adventures
Your Professional Life is Declining and It’s About Time
Peter Beens – @pbeensSnippets #1
Students’ Favourite Affinity Designer Tutorials
Peter Cameron – @cherandpeteGO! Explore!
Find your inner explorer
A Day (or three) in the Life of this Grosvenor Teacher Fellow
For Water: Learn. Adopt. Protect. Walk.
Our Kids’ Spelling is Atrocious
K Cups Math Resource Page
Water Walking
Ideal PD?
Peter Skillen – @peterskillenDear Ontario Educators,
Ramona Meharg – @RamonaMeharg#ECOOCamp Owen Sound
50th Episode – I Wish I Knew EDU learning
Snow Day Chaos – the Lament is over!
Fill Your Own Cup With Gratitude
#BIT19 Call for Proposals is OPEN!
Rebecca Chambers – @MrsRChambersAnother Year and The Unlearning Continues
Dreams do come true if you persevere, my vision of an experiential passion based classroom have come true.
Introduction to Unlearning June 23 – August 17
Rob Cannone – @mr_robcannoneIf not now, then when?
Designing the Learning Environment : Why students, pedagogy and critical reflection should come first
On cultivating curiosity in the classroom
Robert Hunking – @yesknownoWhen The Dust Settles?
Rola Tibshirani – @rolatHow To Self Engineer A Learning Community?
When Students Shine!
Rolland Chidiac – @rchidsEsports with Primary Students – Part 1: Jumping In
Esports in Primary – Part 2: Next Steps
Ruthie Sloan – @RoosloanSecret Truths of Empathy While Learning to Advocate
Context is Key
Sarah Lalonde -@sarahlalondeeThirty one days – my social media detox
Sean Monteith – @KPDSB_SchoolsA New Year, Perspective From Experience
It’s “Time”
Sheila Stewart – @sheilaspeakingMinding the Children
Chocolate by Trial and Error
Good Tree Stories
Web Intentions
Shelly Vohra – @raspberryberet3Inquiry, Social Justice, & the SDGs
Digital Breakouts Using Google Forms
ETFO Innovate 2019
Shyama Sunder – @ssunderaswaraFinal Thoughts
STAO Blog – @staoapsoExperiment of The Week – Homemade Projector by Steve Spangler
5 Things That Make You a Mosquito Magnet – YouTube
Stepan Pruchnicky – @stepanpruchReader’s Theatre = Experiential Learning
Canada’s New Food Guide
Sue Bruyns – @sbruynsHere’s to Paving New Ground
Adjust the Tuning
Proofreader or Instructional Leader?
Cultivating the Culture Code
Sue Dunlop – @Dunlop_SueWhy Summer is a Perfect Time for Reflection
Are You Caught in the Whirlwind?
Just Stop Using “You Guys”
T.J. Hoogsteen – @marexdad21st Century Skills: What Students Need Now or Just More of the Same Bad Ideas?
TDSB Professional Library – @ProfLibraryTDSBNew books: take an eReading March break!
National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21
Terry Greene – @greeneterrySo Long and Thanks For All of This
The Open Learner Patchbook Went To The PressEd Conference
Hatching a PLN
Reset, Reboot, RemOOC
Thanks Milan – Lessons Learned at #OEGlobal19
Feeling the Ground by Getting Some Air
What’s With All The Sharing?
Dreaming is Free
Where am I in the #ExtendmOOC Conversation?
A New Year, A New Semester
The Beast – @thebeasteduA Guy Walks into a Bar
I Am Right Here
Keys to a Rocket Ship
Recess is as Real Life as it Gets
The Merit Centre – @self_regWords Matter. But Sometimes the Interbrain Matters More.
Tim King – @mechsympStretched Thin
There is no STEM
Good Will: it’s what holds the education system together
Tim King – @tk1ngPrivilege Masquerading as Superiority
Class Caps are a Low Resolution Solution to a High Resolution Problem
Cyber Dissonance: The Struggle for Access, Privacy & Control in our Networked World
2019-20: Persistence and Possibility
Easy Money
Elearning: How to make the inevitable more than a cash grab
Tina Zita – @tina_zitaA Journey with Sketchnotes
Saying Goodbye – A Consistent Journey
A Modern ‘Who Came First’ Debate
Will Gourley – @WillGourleyShoulders of giants
Undercover Boss
Be Strong in the Face of Poor Government
Back in the day was better (because now is often unbearable)
The best present is one you can give year round
Zelia Tavares‏ – @zeliamctSkype-A-Thon 2019
EdTechTeam Ontario Summit 2019
Hack the Classroom 2018

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