Windsor Firefighter Memorial

Recently, we saw an announcement on the local news that there was to be a new Windsor Firefighter Memorial unveiled along the Windsor waterfront.

As it would happen, my wife and I got a call from some dear friends who were in town and wanted to go out for breakfast and get caught up. We did and my friend wanted to show his wife the Windsor Sculpture Gardens so we went down to the waterfront and got to take in both.

It was still early in the morning but there was already a tent set up for the unveiling that would happen later in the day. But, I did get some very nice pictures.

The bronze and granite memorial is very humbling. The image of a firefighter handing a little girl out the window to another firefighter is very powerful.

The local television station will probably play the following report during the news this evening.

Windsor firefighter memorial officially unveiled

If you’re in Windsor, I would encourage you to visit. It’s located at the foot of Ouellette Avenue just to the east of The Great Canadian Flag.

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