Brake lights

On my trip home yesterday from Leamington, I had to drive a stretch of Highway #3. Local residents know that this is a very dangerous highway and it’s not uncommon to hear of accidents along here. From Windsor to Essex, it is four lanes but narrows to 2 lanes to Leamington.

It’s also a wonderful way to get from London home if you’re not in a hurry. It goes right along Lake Erie and the view is terrific. Sadly, it’s closed and has been for a while east of Wheatley due to high water levels and erosion causing issues.

Anyway, as I was driving along, I know I need to be extra cautious. After all, there are cars flying past to get ahead and then they hit the brake lights to slow down. I can tell you, from experience, that it’s not a stretch of highway that is friendly to your vehicles cruise control! You have to be very careful with those cutting in front of you and even traffic coming the opposite direction.

What would we do without brake lights?

All of this is a lead in to this article.

Why don’t F1 cars have brake lights?

It’s actually something that I’ve wondered about for a long time. After all, if you’ve ever seen Formula 1 races in the rain, you know that they do have lights in the rear; they’re just not used for braking. Unlike their NASCAR cousins which don’t have lights at all, they are indeed there. Thankfully, this article from Quora takes on the topic.

The answer from Martin Brundle explains it nicely.

You can’t help but wonder about mindset too.

Formula 1 drivers know why they’re there; they know that unless something really bad happens, there’s no oncoming traffic; they know that the vehicle beside them is driven by a competent driver; they also keep their eyes on the road, getting rid of the need for brake lights.

Unlike the rest of us who leave late and drive like heck to get there on time; have no patience for someone only going 10km over the speed limit, despite research after research about how little time you actually make up by speeding up and slowing down continue to do it; are aware of the dangers but know they’ll just happen to someone else.

I guess patience and courtesy aren’t part of that mindset. It’s too bad.

Next post – let me rant about drivers in town who don’t stop at stop signs and never use turn signals.

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