Happy World Teachers’ Day

Dated, perhaps, but still one of the greatest teaching videos!

If …

  • pulling an all-nighter now means lesson preparation or test marking
  • wardrobe malfunction means not wearing your teacher identification
  • you walk down the street wishing you had a red marker or red chalk to correct spelling errors
  • you’ve seen the sign “Sorry for the inconvience” so many times you’re convinced that you’ve been wrong all these years and where’s your red marker
  • you try out neat learning ideas with your own kids
  • you have someone else filter your web content for you and decide what applications you can use on your computer
  • you have a love/hate relationship with Staples
  • you’ve had someone else’s kid call you dad (or mom)
  • you don’t mind drinking cooled off coffee or tea
  • you have a well trained bladder

… then today’s your day.

Don’t take it from me….enjoy this.

And, updated for 2020

  • you aren’t muffled by a mask
  • your screen doesn’t fog up
  • disinfectant doesn’t burn

Don’t take it from me – here’s advice from Schitt’s Creek.

And this…

Happy World Teachers’ Day. It’s a Saturday … enjoy knowing that you make a difference every day. No it’s not. This year, it’s Monday.

If you’re looking for awesome Ontario Educators to follow, check out this Wakelet. This year’s list is here.

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