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Just in time for Victoria Day …

… in Windsor, the Great Canadian Flag was raised for the first time.

So, I had to take a drive into the city to take a look and a picture.  Sadly, it wasn’t windy enough to show it extended.  Here’s what I got.


It’s going to be beautiful when the wind picks up.

The dimensions?  18m x 8m.

The project has its own website.  The Great Canadian Flag Project.

Local media coverage is here.

I checked the Detroit media and it didn’t make the news reporting at the time of writing this post.  Maybe they’ll get curious about the big red and white thing very visible at the foot of Ouellette Avenue and send a reporter over next week.


2 responses to “Just in time for Victoria Day …”

  1. C’mob into Windsor next windy day for a better picture and we can meet for coffee!


  2. […] 2017 – The great Canadian Flag is raised in Windsor […]


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