The last weekend

It’s the last weekend before the Federal Election on Monday.  Like many Canadians, I’ll be doing a little thinking about voting.  According to the news, there have been many people who took advantage of voting in the advance polls.  I can’t remember a time where I took place in a vote that wasn’t on the actual day.  I guess it’s sort of a tradition that I find time in “the day” to vote.

I counted lawn signs on the dog walk this morning on our concession road.  We’re not terribly political around here I guess but I saw four orange signs and three blue signs.  Nothing red, purple, or green.  Now three of the orange signs were on the same lawn and two of the blue ones on the same property.  Of course, you place them at opposite ends of the property line so it looks like two houses have signs.

Earlier this week, my friend Tina shared this video.

It’s only two minutes long so it’s not going to take much time out of your morning.

At the end, I’m sure that you’ll never think the same way about Land Acknowledgements again.

Is it an election issue?  Not around here.

But turn back to the elections and apply the lesson.  Talk is cheap; actually being called to action is more difficult and a testament to your commitment to those words.

It’s kind of unique in politics.  All the big messages and directions come from the leaders.  The local candidates are more focused on getting donations and lawn signs.  The events tabs are empty but there was a meet the candidate for one of them for about 11 months ago.  Other than that, the news tends to be either about a leader’s statement or a negative news report about a competitor.

Since we don’t vote for the leader, it would be nice to have a visible position stated by the local candidates to help inform my vote.  What can you do for us locally if elected?

Do you have a track record?  Do you have actual deliverables for us to consider?

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