My Week Ending 2019-10-27

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • As users, we have all kinds of opportunities for cloud storage. Here’s a summary for OneDrive.
  • There are all kinds of ideas to stop students from cheating. I’ll admit that this is one of the most bizarre.
  • The federal election was still done with paper ballots and a pencil. Yet, I guess, there are ways to screw even that up.
  • I didn’t find this Mathematics quiz all that difficult. Would you?
  • I had my own problems with the Macintosh Catalina but they aren’t nearly as bad as some of the ones reported here.
  • Every time I read stories about teachers being abused by students in the classroom, I cringe..
  • I haven’t had the desire to use TikTok. Maybe I’m too old. But, here’s a primer for parents.
  • For all my librarian and teacher-librarian friends, a delightful collection of library puns – some that will even make you laugh out loud.
  • Who didn’t grow up lvoing Audubon’s bird pictures and how a collection of them are free to download.
  • The advice given here is good. Do your security a favour and download and use a Password Manager.
  • If you’re paranoid that your computer is listening to you, you can always turn it off. Here are instructions for Cortana.
  • I’m also paying for slow, crappy internet access. If it was faster, I’d be doing this for sure.
  • Maybe if we didn’t have rules, I would have been a better writer as a child.
  • A review of the new Google Pixelbook Go. Finally, a Chromebook from Google that might be considered affordable by some.

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Technology Troubleshooting

I’ve been reading stories about just how bad the Macintosh Catalina upgrade as been. I upgraded and my problems are documented in this blog.

There was a minor “fix” (which was still about 1GB in size – not what I would label “minor”) and I applied it.

My latest reading revealed this –

“Bricking” and “computers” should never appear in the same sentence. I know my computer is older but I’d rather than Apple just stop supporting it instead of providing a new upgrade that has such little quality control and can cause major damage.

Video of the Week

If this doesn’t make you think, I don’t know what will.

Photo of the Week

The squirrels are getting ready for Christmas and the new chips in the yard look like easy digging, I guess. How will they find them once this is covered with snow?

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Whatever happened to …

… slugs?

And I recognize that that probably isn’t the current term for them.

I did a great deal of searching and only came up with the slimey kind of slug. Then, I did some searching for “metal slugs” and holy cow. Not the kind of result that I thought I would get.

I should have searched for “electrical box knock out“!

Maybe our use of the term “slug” was a regional colloquialism. But, we’d see and pick them up from the ground every now and again. Currently, on our road, there are two houses under construction and I happened to see one on the ground and picked it up while taking Jaimie for a walk. That brought back memories. I hadn’t seen one in years.

These things, if you followed the link above for an example, are little metal circles that are punched out of electrical boxes so that the electrical cables can be fed into the box. But, there’s more.

To a kid of about 10, they looked just like quarters. The rumour was that you could put them into vending machines, pinball machines, and anything that accepted quarters and they worked. How can businesses make money if all you have to do is walk through a construction site?

I can recall stories of kids who fueled their need for candy with these things. I’d seen the slugs lying on the ground and picked them up but Mr. GoodyGoody here never actually tried to use them as currency. With my luck, I’d get caught.

Truth be told, I can’t ever remember being with anyone who tried and managed to get them to work as quarters.

But the rumours still persisted…

For a Sunday….

  • have you ever heard of these punchouts being called slugs or is it just a thing from my youth?
  • did you ever try using one of these as a replacement for real currency?
  • can you even think of a vending machines that takes quarters these days? Heck, I can think of machines that only take debit or credit cards.
  • have you ever had the sad experience of putting money in a vending machine only to have it work its way through and spit the coin into the change slot, rejected? Did you try it again and again until it worked?
  • or even worse have it just get swallowed up by the machine?
  • with all the technology growth, I find it interesting that the metal electricial box are still around. Do you know of an alternative?

How about you? Do you remember these things? How about sharing your thoughts?

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