What a morning. Nothing seemed to work.

I tried to get into Tweetdeck. No go.

It was Wednesday so my voicEd Radio show with Stephen Hurley was on tap. Zencastr wouldn’t work. Stephen had me download an app. The sound didn’t meet his audio standards so we tried dialing in. I couldn’t hear him. We did end up with a fourth solution that seemed to work. Hopefully, he can find the recording!

So, back to Tweetdeck. It’s still not functioning. I’m a little frustrated because I have lists for everything and my routine involves running down my five Ontario Educator lists to see what’s going on around the province. I was too lazy to try my Plan B – I have links to each of them in my Bookmarks so I just skimmed the Trending Topics.

One leapt out at me.


It’s a hashtag, a username, and a website.

I must have missed another memo.

Looking through the hashtag was a delightful rabbit hole. With prompts, people are sharing sketches (tattoos?) that are so intriguing.

This is an area that I have no talent whatsoever so I can just sit back and enjoy. The one word that comes to mind is simply “wow”!

There can’t possibly be any copyright claims since people are eagerly sharing them in this public space.

But, wow, there certainly are some talented people.

In case you missed it above, click here.

OTR Links 10/03/2019

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