They had books back then?

There may not be too many uses for this in your classrooms since students are graded by age and so most answers would be the same but I’m sure that you can find a use for it.

Or just enjoy it at a personal level.

The Most Popular Children’s Book The Year You Were Born

Now, I’m too modest to tell you the book of my birth year. I was just pleasantly pleased that it was in colour …

Nevertheless, curiosity abounded and I had to click my way through all of the pages in this slideshow embedded in the article from 1950 to the present.

Of course, I checked the books for the years of my kids.

The teacher and reader in me recognized so many.

How about you? I’ll bet you can’t resist peaking and then clicking your way through the collection …

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4 thoughts on “They had books back then?”

  1. Doug, I love this! I realize that I’ve read almost every book here. Looking at the book covers alone could make for an interesting critical literacy and media literacy project. What inspires book covers to change over the years? How do they change? Thanks for getting me thinking!



  2. Enjoyed this! I worked in a children’s book store for a year in the late 80s, so it connected some good memories. For many of the titles I would have guessed a later publication date. Perhaps that shows the how good books live on.


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