Just another change

If you read this blog via an offline reading option, you may want to just move on now because the rest of this won’t make a bit of difference.

If you visit the blog via the web, you’ll notice that I switched to another theme on the weekend.

To be honest, I recognize that it may not matter much to anyone but me. With any luck, you drop by, read a post, and then move on to others.

But I get to visit the blog at least 2-3 times a day and a theme gets a bit tired after all. I know, I know, the common wisdom is that it shouldn’t matter what a blog looks like, it’s the content that truly matters. It’s just so easy to set it and forget it.

For Doug, the tinkerer, that doesn’t cut it.

I will admit that I was sitting here watching a bit of football and decided to check out the comments to read the excellent thoughts of others and also to see if my spamming elimination efforts were working. For giggles, I decided to poke around and see what new themes were available and this one kind of caught my eye.

The colours are Ubuntu orange and the background is a bit off-white which seemed to make it easier on the eye to read. Instead of presenting a snippet of blog posts when you visit the site, you get the entirety of the latest blog post. And, it’s just content and not the widgets that displayed on the right side.

They’re still there, as is the menu of special links that point to various things. They’re hiding behind this graphic in the top right.

I don’t know if anyone but me uses the menus and search features so they’re kind of tucked away unless you specifically go looking for them.

I’m always curious as to the various features that are available to be customized and do sometimes head down a rabbit hole. For the fall of 2019, this is the current rabbit hole. For the bloggers that drop by, do you ever change themes just to refresh things or are you happy with the way things are?

Until it changes again …

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6 thoughts on “Just another change

  1. It’s funny you mentioned this change of theme, as I noticed it yesterday and thought, I really like this one. Sometimes, as a creature of habit, I’m thrown by these changes. Yet, I’m always curious what you, and others, might choose to do. Maybe one day, I’ll even change my own theme.



  2. I usually read on my phone, so I’ve had to bring you up on the computer so I can see the new theme. I like it! The colours are nice. I often find that when a blog changes theme I have to pay extra attention to whose writing because I read so many blogs I sometimes only know the blogger by his/her blog decoration! I rarely change mine because of this, but maybe it’s about time to consider it. I kept the same theme on one of my blogs for 10 years!

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  3. I like the colours but am not a fan of the icon system, sorry. Clicking on Menu isn’t bad as it just overlays the menu at the top of the screen, but clicking Widgets pushes the blog way down the page because all the widgets are full page-width so they take up a lot of room, not just at the side as they normally would be, where they are unobtrusive.


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