My new scanner

If you’re like me, you probably have a printer/scanner combination sitting on your desk. If you’re like me, it may be buried under stuff because you’re too cheap to buy printer cartridges. Since I seldom print anything, the cartridges dry up so I’ve just given up trying to stay even.

Yet, there are times when I need to scan things. Usually, it’s old photos that someone I know wants one of.

I no longer go through the ritual of decluttering my scanner to get at it. Instead, I just use Google PhotoScan instead.

It’s actually pretty slick. I had a little reservation at first because it turns the camera light on pretty brightly when it’s taking pictures. But the results are nice!

I just happened to have an envelope of old photos from the Yearbook group sitting on my desk for some reason and decided to “scan” one with the application. Loved that tie. I had a brown one for every other day.

The process is pretty slick; you take the first image and then the applicaton places dots around the screen to zero in for details. Move the camera to the dots until you’re done and then you are. The resulting scan ends up in the Photo Gallery.

There is an adjustment tool if you’re concerned about the flash and glare. Overall, it’s pretty slick and I’m happy that I don’t have to unbury my scanner for future scans!

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