Ramona’s challenge

Yesterday, I got a challenge from Ramona Meharg that I couldn’t ignore.

I like things that are artificial intelligence-y and this seemed to have that type of approach so I gave it a shot.

The website is called Akinator.

The concept is pretty simple; sort of a digital spin to the 20 questions game that we played as kids.  When I had visited the site, there had been 700847537 games played.  That’s quite impressive.

So, ever up for the challenge, I gave it a shot.  I wanted badly to win so I chose something Canadian – hockey and just pulled a name out of my memory but then felt guilty and went with a name that might be more well known – Bobby Orr.  And, I lost.  Or rather the Akinator won.


That was impressive.

How would it do with my original choice – Jean Beliveau?

How’s this for close?


Ah, I’ve still got it!

What was interesting was the followup where I could provide details so that the next player might not be so lucky.  In other words, Akinator was learning.

Anyway, it’s 1 and 1 for me.

Are you up to the challenge?  If you’re interested in using it in the classroom, there is a child mode.  I didn’t test it extensively but none of the questions that I was asked were inappropriate.

So, thanks, Ramona.


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