My Week Ending 2019-05-19

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • Yes, I was surprised that Windows is going to support Linux to the level that it plans. We always knew that Chrome was based on Linux. Year on the desktop?
  • And, if the future scares you, just go ahead and go retro with Windows 95.
  • Here’s an opportunity to be part of the Computer leadership within the province of Ontario.
  • I worry when “stores” for operating systems go away. When you go to the story, there’s at least a sense of security.
  • So, SoftRAM gets a shout out in this story but not in a good way. Do you ever wonder how many other products were/are like this?
  • If you were ever curious about how much money it takes to run a school system, imagine having to cut $67.8 Million dollars and still function?
  • In my opinion, the very best audio recording software gets updated.
  • This is an example of being scared about things on the cutting edge and having a sense of ethics. The scary part is that I’d bet not everyone would be this wary.
  • News from my hometown. I never realized that it was “top secret” when I lived there. It was just the home at Adastral Park and we couldn’t go into the actual base.
  • You’ve got to love librarians. They’re on the frontlines of so much. Warning – Language.
  • Proof that you don’t always need a new app for that. Sometimes, you just need to dig into the tools that you already have at your disposal.
  • And, I was silly enough to think that they just spent their time ruling, whatever that means.
  • I’m pretty sure that you can’t check out most of these things from our local library. Maybe they need to up their game.
  • Like cats? You’ll love these pictures.

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Technology Troubleshooting 

I was pleasantly surprised that there weren’t too many errors in last week’s post. You’ll recall that I was on the road using a computer on my lap to do things.

This week, I’m back at home with my full sized keyboard plugged in, my mouse, and external monitor.

It makes things so much easier.

Just watch though, there’ll be mistakes.

I’m me, after all.

Video of the Week

We lost a comedic genius this past week.

Photo of the Week

I love this picture. It was just supposed to be a picture of a family of geese at Sadler’s Pond in Essex. Instead, it turned into a nice picture showing the reflect in a calm pond. And, the Canada 150 bench in red! Almost artistic. So not me.

Please join me daily and I hope that you check in next Sunday for a summary of my week.

Thanks for reading.


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Whatever happened to …

… pet rocks?

Just to set the record straight, I never had one.

I do remember going into shopping malls and there were all kinds of them for sale in the 1970s though. Why this topic? We were out with friends the other night and the topic of discussion turned to dumb things. Naturally, this came up.

Pet Rocks were really a good example of merchandising though. There wasn’t just one kind; check out Google’s collection.

I recall studying it in a business class at university. The concept was created by Gary Dahl and it made him a millionaire. Our inspiration from the professor was to go forth and create the next “pet rock” as a project. Of course, it had to come with a business plan that includes financial predictions and a plan for marketing it to the masses.

Sadly, I don’t recall anything truly innovative coming from that. If I remember correctly, most of the ideas were really permutations on the pet rock concept. I remember our group created the concept of a self-renewing newspaper. The idea was that you didn’t have to subscribe or go to the corner store. You’d just pick up your newspaper and somehow the latest stories were there. It probably was a money maker but then that internet thing came along…

So, for a Sunday, your thoughts.

  • Between you, me, and the lamppost, did you ever own a pet rock?
  • Did you ever secretly want to?
  • Do you think the people that actually purchased one realized what the idea they were supporting and that Mr. Dahl was getting rich? 🤑
  • Have you ever had the next big money making idea but it never got off the ground? Care to share in case there’s an investor who is reading this post?
  • Where do pet rocks go when they’ve had their time?
  • An offspring of the concept has been tried here in Amherstburg.

How about taking a moment and sharing your thoughts on this life changing concept in the comments below?

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