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Life was so much easier as a teenager. Especially when it came to work. I was paid $#.## / hour. I drove my bike to work, did things, and then came home. There was none of the things that go into the life of an educator like lesson preparation, marking, professional learning, etc.

All of these other things are most certainly part of the job. They all get lumped in to your annual salary. In these economic days, that amount is what hits the headlines and the Sunshine List if you’re lucky enough. But what does it really means in terms of other jobs?

This “Real Hourly Wage Calculator” lets you analyze things a bit further.

It’s not directly usable for us here. First of all, it’s a Google Spreadsheet so you’ll have to make a copy in your own Google Drive space so that you can change it. Secondly, there are some expressions like 401k which are completely American so you’ll have to consider the Canadian equivalent.

But, jump a couple of hoops and you’re ready to do some financial thinking. At the end of it, you’ll have an idea of just what you salary is in dollars/hour. I think of the conversations I used to have about “really earning my $1.25 today”. If nothing else, it’s a good figure to have in your hip pocket when someone complains about how much money teachers make!

The author’s complete explanation of everything is available here.

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11 thoughts on “Real money”

  1. Please don’t get me wrong here, Doug, as I actually think that teachers make good salaries, but our hours worked can vary. What do you count here? Just the bours we’re employed by the board, or the extra hours of work? It’s a question that I wonder about when I think of hourly wage.


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  2. There’s no doubt that the salaries are good. What this does is quantify the term that you call “extra hours of work”. It recognizes that those aren’t “extra” but are, in fact, part of the job. At a salaried look, it doesn’t put a dollar value on them.

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  3. Yeah…the “extra hours” are not required, but still necessary. I’ll be interested in how much an hour actually earns me.


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