Fall traditions

I had to wear pants this morning.

Now, before you give me a TMI, let me explain.  All summer, I wear shorts or a bathing suit.  I enjoy the warm/hot weather.  Having to wear pants is always a concession by me that there may be something after summer.  Wearing pants is a binary thing.  You either wear them or you don’t.

Autumn is also a time that I look around and notice the other things that are happening, seemingly over night.

  • the fall fairs – the kickoff for me is the Harrow Fair; then the Western Fair; and now the Acton Fair…  They’re a special event, having grown up in a place that has a Spring Fair
  • perhaps rated to that, it’s time for everyone to be a crafter of some sort
  • the never ending song of the crickets
  • visits to an apple orchard
  • visits to a pumpkin farm
  • visits to a corn maze (not to be confused with corn maize)
  • the neighbour who has gourds strategically placed around their yard
  • Oktoberfest
  • farmers out harvesting and bailing
  • pumpkin flavoured things for sale everywhere
  • the “spook house”, leading into Hallowe’en
  • the end of baseball and the start of football
  • warnings about hurricanes
  • the return of school buses

For me, Autumn is much more of an event than the change into other seasons.  For some reason, it’s the one season change where everything appears to happen all at once.  I just ease into the other seasons!

What would you add to the list?

10 thoughts on “Fall traditions

  1. • the return to shoes and socks, instead of sandals
    • the annual September, school-kid germ-fest leading to coughing, sniffling, sneezing
    • starting the process of arranging release time for the ECOO conference
    • ack, it’s too cool out to leave without a sweater
    • Meet the Teacher night
    • Wait what? There’s a PA day already?
    • the leaves are falling off the trees, oh no,,,
    • why is it dark? I haven’t even had my supper yet.

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  2. I love Andy’s list. I will say though that the “return of shoes and socks, instead of sandals,” is a sign of winter instead of fall for me. I’m good with sandals until the first snow fall. Sometimes after, if it’s just a dusting. 🙂

    I can’t help but think of Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers, who speak with their classes about signs of seasons. Should we also be considering more traditions as some of these signs?


    P.S. My big sign is the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Of course mine is coffee-related. 🙂

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  3. There’s a shift in the food we eat regularly – less potatoe salad, more mashed potatoes.

    We dress in layers, which are shed as the day goes on, so I’m constantly finding sweaters, jackets and hoodies on floors – school and home.

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  4. – less BBQ, more crock pot
    – if it isn’t pumpkin flavoured…it’s apple cinnamon
    – clothes and decorations are no longer bright and sunny colours, they are earth tones – lots of deep reds, browns, dark yellow-orange
    – get the vehicle under coated and perhaps some snow tires
    – that earthy, dry leaves smell in the air
    – a desire for comfort foods like Shepard’s pie and chilli
    – falling asleep earlier because it gets dark earlier
    – wearing warmer clothes on the golf course ( although not this weekend!) and trying to get a few more rounds in before snow

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  5. Thanks for adding to the list ladies. I hadn’t thought about moving to layers but that’s an absolute necessity. Thanks to Ramona, I now have this overwhelming urge for chili. But, it’s not 7am yet.

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  6. I can often struggle with the seasonal transitions, but bird migration and sightings are one thing that can cheer me up. In our area, the hummingbirds have left, the warblers have already been through, but I am now enjoying the playful flutter of juncos — a sure sign of fall to me. I am also seeing more of my favourite sparrows. The call of the blue jay should top it off 😀

    I notice the return of the dew — some spots in the shade around our house taking all day to dry. I notice the sun lower and my sunny spots in the house shifting.

    I guess my tradition is noticing the beauty and colours… as we know what is next..

    Pulling out the pants feels a bit like admitting defeat. My walking in the evening involves a light jacket now, but shorts are back on with our recent heat wave this week.

    Yes, chili! It will be one more batch of homemade burgers, I figure, before the beef will be in stews and chili.

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