A new Twitter

Really?  If you haven’t noticed, head over to your home page and click on your home page icon and scroll to the bottom.


I’m always up for a poke around and so did the switch.  (It’s not permanent; you can always switch back.

So, instead of landing here…


I landed here.


You’ll undoubtedly notice a big change – at least in the layout.  That beautiful background header, for example, is shortened to display more on the screen.

There were some things that I had to poke around to find.  Things like my lists, for example, which used to be up front, I had to go looking for.  Hint, your image now has a bigger list of options.

Near the bottom is an interesting a potentially money saving option “Data Savings”.  Noticeably, it doesn’t load images immediately but rather a blurred preview.  Clicking it brings it to life.  That might not be an issue for some but those of us with a slow internet connection are going to appreciate that, I think.

There is one thing that I’m unable to locate that I use quite frequently and that’s the advanced search.  I’ll confess to not learning the Twitter search operators but rely on the search page in the older Twitter (not referred to as Legacy Twitter) to refine my searches.

The whole announcement of a “new” Twitter has been good to me.  Like a kid in a candy shop, I immediately headed to “Settings and Privacy” to see what I could find.  On first landing, it’s like finding everything new but a comparison from Legacy to New is that much of what is there was always there – I probably just didn’t notice it.  Of course, I’m curious about how notifications are done and also the quality filter.  It’s a reminder that, when we’re connected, we have to work with and not throw up our hands to algorithms that find and display content.  You always have the option to quit or provide feedback but when you’re not the rule maker, you have to find out what the rules actually are in order to play.

I am enjoying poking around, exploring the new, switching back to the old, then switching back to the new.  Always exploring, always learning.

Have you checked out the new Twitter?  What are your impressions?  Leave them via comment below, please and thanks.

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