All about trustees

On October 22, Ontarians will have the opportunity to vote in municipal elections.  Of course, all of the positions that are up for election are important.

Nothing is more important than the school board trustee elections in the district where you vote.

You may have seen lawn signs as you move about your region or you might get informed through your local traditional media.  Many potential trustees will use social media to try and reach out.  Certainly, you know by now who your current trustee is.  If not, your school district will have them listed as well as minutes of the meetings so that you know where they stand on the issues surrounding your schools.


To help in the election process, the Ontario Education Services Corporation has created this website.  It’s a wealth of information, including:

  • just what is the role of the trustee
  • how much time commitment is required of school board trustees
  • information about the election and how you get to vote
  • a listing of the candidates in your voting ward

The last part is very important.  In one spot, you’ll get the opportunity to see everyone who is running along with an email address for each candidate and their website, if they have one.  If you do have questions about local issues, contact with email will send your request for information directly to the candidate.  If the candidate is serious about being a public servant and wants your vote, you should get a quick and complete response.

The launchpad to find your candidates is here.

In my area, those who want to serve are located here.

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