@voicEd #twioe Playlist – Weeks 76-80

The voicEd radio This Week in Ontario Edublogs summary continues with Week 66.  66? Wow, I can’t believe how many.  This picks up on July 27 18, 2018. Week 76 voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-eva-thompson-july-25?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2018/07/27/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-318/ Featured posts by:   Peter Skillen, Jon Orr, TheBeastEDU, Larissa Aradj, Eva Thompson, Sue Dunlop, Diana Maliszewski, Melanie Mulcaster  Week 77 voicEd RadioContinue reading “@voicEd #twioe Playlist – Weeks 76-80”

OTR Links 09/08/2018

The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! https://t.co/HMbb0MJ7QQ Stories via @OSSTF14 @marclijour @ONeducation #onted #codebreaker — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) September 8, 2018 tags: IFTTT Twitter storybreak stars’);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center}.editor .editor-inner div.legacy-raw-html,.post-content div.legacy-raw-html{border:3px solid #eeb544;padding:5px;margin-bottom:20px}.editor .editor-inner div.legacy-raw-html:be Gizmodo: Top Apple Mac App Secretly Sends Your Browser History to China, Researcher Finds [Updated].https://t.co/0CsCnGr79aContinue reading “OTR Links 09/08/2018”