Weather is personal …

… until it’s not.

The stories of the devastation in the Ottawa area keep rolling in.  With friends and family in the area, we’re making contact – after the fact.

Many of us in the province were under wind warnings during that time period.  I was sitting outside much of the afternoon watching the wind just beat away at the maple and poplar trees in the back yard and was just so impressed that the leaves remained attached.

At one point, I took a look at a digital representation of the wind on my laptop using an application that I’d reviewed before on this blog.  The name has actually changed just slightly.  At the time of the post, it was called WindyTV.  Now, it’s just called Windy.  The original name resolves to the new one.

So, it is personal.  At the time, I wasn’t particularly curious about anything other than what was affecting me at the time.  I actually had the application open in a tab as I had been curious about the hurricane in the Carolinas.  For me, it was just a matter of scrolling around to get to Essex County.

Like many people, I found out about the news from Eastern Ontario later.

I’m writing this on Sunday morning and so did zoom out to check out the province.

Screenshot 2018-09-23 at 06.49.14

It was a reminder that it’s a big world out there and weather can have huge differences based on location.  For this Sunday, things look pretty clear here but not so looking north.

My original post about WindyTV can be found here

It remains a wonderful and very helpful resource to have.

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