A first look at OS Mojave

I wonder if this post will get out on time!  As I type this, I current have no internet service which Xplornet is pointing a finger at last night’s storm.  I just had to call it quits on trying to get my voicEd Radio show in as well.  Maybe there is something about internet being an essential service.

But, it lets me get the opportunity to play around with Mac OS Mojave which I downloaded yesterday.  It was kind of interesting to see that Apple hasn’t written this computer off for upgrades – just yet.  It’s inching closer.

(Update:  Internet access was restored and I got the voicEd Radio show in.)

Continuity Camera

  • I don’t have an iPhone – I’m an Android type of guy so this doesn’t apply.

Dark Mode

  • I really like this.  For years, we’ve been accustomed to the fact that our desktops should somehow take on the metaphor of a sheet of paper.  i.e. black on a white background.  A dark mode is something that other operating systems have incorporated and now so does Mojave.  After about five minutes of use, it’s definitely easier on the eyes.  It’s toggle-able from the Preferences application.
    Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.06.40 AM
  • I really like how the Dark Mode is carried through to Apple applications like Safari and Pages.  (Even the Terminal!)

Desktop Stacks

  • From the desktop menu, you have the ability to Use Stacks and then have control for how you stack your documents or collections.  It’s a nice concept for people who like to have things stacked on their desktops.  I don’t know if I’m going to use this feature or not.  I was taught by a very organized person to have a clean desktop and to folder-ize your work into a single folder on the desktop.  That would be a tough habit to break!

Dynamic Desktops

  • I’m not sure that this is a feature that will change my life!  (or habits)  I’ll admit to migrating to the Macintosh from Windows and Linux where I maximize the screen for every document!  But I will confess to switching to the Solar Gradients and then peeking at my desktop to see how it looks.  And, it does work as advertised.

Gallery View

  • You now have four ways to take a look through your filesystem.
    Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.37.04 AM
  • I’m checking it out but it’s going to require a change in my mindset.  I’ve always liked to view my files “as Columns”.  For me, that’s a convenient way to navigate the organization that I’ve created for my files.

Screenshot editing

  • If this feature had been around a while ago, I would never have fallen in love with Jing.
  • Previously the full screenshot or partial screenshot saved the document locally and then I’d bring them into an editor.  It seemed like a lot of work that Jing did easier.
  • There is a new key combination CMD-SHIFT-5 that adds functionality for screen captures and movies.

Siri, Safari, Apple Mail

  • At present, I use none of these.  I did poke around a bit with the new Safari.  People writing about Mojave were over the top about the ability to show Favicons (which every other major browser has for years) and I was surprised that they weren’t turned on by default.  (To turn them on, go to the Tabs settings and check them on)  I’m a big user of extensions and many of my favourites are not available so I don’t see me switching any time soon.

Recently Used Applications

  • This is kind of a neat feature.  Recently used applications appear in their own area in the dock.  I could see using that quite a bit if I accidently close an application and want to get back to it.


  • I don’t use it.

App Store

  • It’s not new but certainly is nicely redone.  If I was a new user of Macintosh, I’d be very impressed with the presentation.  My balance is still there; I need to buy something.  All platforms should take a look at the design of this store.

So, there’s my first day kick at the can with Mojave.  Before installing, I deleted my Trackpad plist file to see if Mojave would create or recreate a new one for me.  The trackpad has actually been a good actor ever since.  Have I solved the problem I was previously having?

How about you?  Have you done the upgrade?  Do you have a different uptake on things than me?  Did I miss something?  It was a huge download so I have no doubt there’s more to find.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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