The heat

Everybody Talks About the Weather, But Nobody Does Anything About It.

It was an interesting moment yesterday.  A student got off the bus and was just drenched from sweat.  Now, I know that this student goes to a school that is air-conditioned so I just had to ask why.  The answer?

Sure, the school is air-conditioned but the bus wasn’t.  We had all the windows down but it didn’t make any difference.  It gets hot when you put all those people in there.

It’s been hot in Essex County for the first two days of school.  It’s been the talk everywhere.  My car said 37 when I was out just after lunch.

It can be quite brutal at times.  In fact, a task force was started by a couple of local teachers in August.

It’s kind of funny.  When the weather gets bad in the winter, there is a procedure for closing schools, typically when the buses are unable to run.  But should the weather turn to hot, there is no solution.  It’s not just the outside heat; as noted above, there’s all those bodies packed in to a learning space.

At least around here, teachers slug on.  Not so yesterday in Philadelphia.

In the labour code, there is a provision for a refuse to work.  It’s a tough call in education because the students are there and are part of the picture.  Where do you turn?

On Facebook, there have been calls for the donation of fans to classrooms to help ease the pain.  The advice of staying hydrated is about the best that can be suggested.  Probably the very best bit of news is that things will change for Thursday and then on.  That doesn’t make Tuesday and Wednesday any easier to handle.

How about taking a moment and sharing how you coped?  Are you fortunate enough to work in a school with well working air conditioning to make this a non-issue?  If not, what did you do?


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