You know search, right?

Warning – if you decide to click through, I’m not responsible for all the time that you’re going to invest in testing your searching skills.

We all know that the key to searching effectively relies upon providing the very best query.  The website “Google Image Quiz” tests your ability to do this on images.

How hard can it be?  It’s not open text; you’re given the correct number of boxes that would describe the image.  Just fill in the blanks.


After investing significant amounts of time in testing and developing my own skills, I finally got one!  Like any good gamification, you’ll get a score to let you know how well you did.  For the record,

NO, it’s not Photoshopped.

The author’s website is even more intriguing and worth poking around for a while.

How good are you?  How good are your students?

It’s a bit humbling but a solid reminder of the importance of good searching terms.

It’s also set off a remembrance in my mind of an article about student searching.  Students will often find something that they can use in the first 10 results of a Google search.  Are they that good at searching or do they have the mindset “that will do”?  The more that we can do to promote good search tactics, the better they’ll be.


3 thoughts on “You know search, right?

  1. This will definitely be part of my March break exploration. I feel very strongly that effective search skills are an important part of our students’ learning, and one we often don’t pay much attention too. Thanks for this.


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