Visualising population

Give me a good map and I’m occupied for hours.

Such was the case with the World Population Map.

This resource maps population growth and much more.

Check out the bottom of the screen for a scrubber bar that lets you visualise the growth of population from the past to the present.

The coloured lines point to various themes along the way.  Mouse over any of the white triangles to get a description of a specific event.

So often, in History and Social Studies, we may focus on the topic and location, forgetting that there’s a whole rest of the world that may be affected or is affecting the topic at hand.

My first exploration was of Canadian milestones.

1812 (Mandatory if you live in a War of 1812 community
1867  Confederation and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario join
1870  Manitoba joins
1871  British Columbia joins
1873  Prince Edward Island joins
1905  Saskatchewan and Alberta join
1949  Newfoundland and Labrador join
1870  Northwest Territories joins
1898  Yukon Territory joins
1999 Welcome Nunavut
1967 100 Years old already
1914 World War I
1939 World War II

Use this resource to see the changing landscape – Historical Maps of Canada

And that’s just a start.  Check out the world population for your favourite historical event. 

Or just play with the scrubber bar to visualise how the population grew along the timeline.  It’s fascinating.

What would a resource like this be without educational support?  There is indeed a section devoted to Teacher Resources.

This is definitely something to bookmark and pull out to use at the appropriate time.


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