A World of Music

It’s been a very mappy weekend around here.  Yesterday, I was playing with some themes for Google Maps.  Today, I’m listening to music again – this time from various time eras and locations worldwide.  Shout out goes to Google Maps Mania for the lead to Radiooooo.

It’s an interesting approach to exploring music.

We’ve all seen (heard?) music categorized by type or by date.  It’s a wonderful way to bring back memories from a different time.  In a previous post, Vicky Loras revealed her birth year and the music that was popular at the time.  It was the music of our lives and our location.

But, there’s more than our location.

Radiooooo takes us much deeper than that.  Using the world map as a location, pick a timeline and listen to music identified by time and location.  It’s addictive and most certainly a great opportunity to compare cultures and preferences.

Use the taxi to drive yourself and set the mood for your listening.

You’re invited to contribute music to the project after you create a personal account.  Dig a little deeper – if you look carefully on the map, you’ll see clickable links on places that don’t exist in real life.  The great classroom inquiry would be to wonder why or go out and find music for a location that appears white on the map without any music attributed to it.  That sounds like a great deal of fun.

Overall, well crafted and presented.  Did I mention addictive?



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