OK, thanks to Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel newletter, I have found a new way to expedite these blog posts.

It will be bad news for my spell and content checkers though.  The goal here is to start and never stop typing with The Most Dangerous Writing App.  It devalues spell and grammar check.  This may be just what I need.  I’ll blame my tools!

Here’s the deal.  Just set a timer for how long I’m going to take for a blog post.  I’m usually good for 20 minutes if I have a well diagrammed mind map.  Sometimes, it’s less if things are going well or the dog is impatient.  I set the timer.

And begin…

This will be a shorty.

The key though is to keep typing.  Don’t run out for another coffee and head to the kitchen or go looking for resources.  They need to be planned out in advance or…

…you lose everything.

And, of course, in today’s socially connected world, you’ll want to Tweet about it.

Normally, I do like to try to bring in an education connection to these posts but I’m struggling with this!  Where do we value speed and continuity over content and accuracy?  That’s all gone since we got rid of Grade 9 typing.

I remember my Grade 12 students having to write a simple word processor.  Maybe this could be a fun enhancement.

Or just a bit of fun to play around with for a while.



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