Zite gone

Well, we knew it was coming so we can’t say that we weren’t warned.

Migrate your Zite to Flipboard

For the longest time now, the opening page of Zite had been carrying the advice that we needed to migrate our Zite settings to Flipboard for continuity.  We were given the deadline of December 7.  I did and now the Zite goodness in choice of stories is now attached to my Flipboard account.  At current count, I have 156 categories/topics that I’m following.  It always makes for an interesting and diverse morning read.

My apologies – I tried a few refreshes to get something non-political on the Daily Edition.

And, I’ve been migrating my reading to Flipboard for the most part.  I’ll admit that it’s more used on the web here than on the iPad.  But, it’s nice to have that choice.

I’ve always had both applications (Zite and Flipboard) on my iPad but Zite had been the clear winner in terms of finding the types of stories that interested me.  The acquisition of Zite has been very good for Flipboard from this humble user’s perspective.

As you might have guessed, I even blogged about it.  “Zite As A Conversation Starter“.

Overall, I think I’ve been pretty lucky or well choosing in the types of applications that I’ve used.  Very few have pulled the plug on me.

This morning, I thought I’d check it out again and Zite just crashed.  Over and over again.  I’m guessing that it was “calling home” to get some updates that there was nothing responding.  I knew that this day would come but was looking for a message that just said “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”.  A quick search in the Google Play and iTunes store returns Flipboard as the top hit.

So, I guess this is finally it.

It’s done, I guess, but it provided me with so much great reading, learning, and insights.  I look forward to its functionality continuing in Flipboard.

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  1. Have been waiting for this entry for a couple of days. My hubby is devastated, because he much preferred what Zite found for him. We’ll trust you to help us find our next reader. 😉


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