Canada at War @howweremember

I was tagged in a Twitter message by @howweremember on Monday and headed over to check it out.  I was already following Historica Canada and this is an account from the same folks.

After checking it out, and at their request, I did share the message further.

Historica is sponsoring a writing and art contest for students to reflect and share thoughts about Canada in the First and Second World Wars.  The website is devoted to the project.

On the opening page, the stage is set for participation in the project with a nice set of inquiry questions.

The website is rich in resources as you would expect from Historica.  A poster suitable for display on your class website or wiki is available by clicking on the link in this followup message from them.

This December is considerably different from most and thoughts and media are focusing on many global issues.  Participation in this project would allow students to do some research on their own to understand Canada’s participation in past wars.

Once the writing or artwork is complete, it’s uploaded to the contest via their website. Very explicit and complete instructions are there for both the research and how to submit to the contest.

Of course, permission and teacher sponsorship is required.

The contest closes on December 15.

They could be talking about me

When I got my first iPod years ago, I discovered the app store.  For the computery, geeky type, this was heaven.  There was an application available for everything.  It was like a breakfast buffet.  I’ll have a little of this, a little of that, and oooh, look at that one.

This fascination kept going when I got my iPad and then my phone.  Now, the option of having “an app for that” extends into Windows 10.

But you know what?

The excitement of searching for and downloading a new app has gone away.  I no longer don’t kick myself for not buying the device with the biggest storage capacity.

In fact, with each update of the operating system, applications become broken and a new version comes out.  Periodically, there’s no replacement so I’d go and look for a new one to replace it..

I even taught myself how to write apps, most notably writing a school directory application for my old employer that displayed their websites, dialed the phone, downloaded the latest news from schools, etc.

In no time, I had my device full and was looking for ways to make extra room so that I could download even more.  I got so excited when I would read “## paid apps that have gone free today”.

Then, one day, the silliness of this kicked in.  After a recent operating system update, there were 21 apps that needed upgrades.  As I scrolled though the list, noting the size and therefore the length of time to download, I realized that there were applications that I hadn’t used in months.  But, I faithfully kept them updated – that’s what good computer users do – you want to make sure that you’re running the latest, greatest, and most importantly, most secure version of the software.

But, quite frankly, I got tired of doing these updates. 

Recently, I’ve been paying attention to those who want to be updated.  I now have a new Doug-rule.  If I don’t use it and don’t plan to use it in the near future, I’ll delete it.  I know that the next to last version of the software is backed up to iTunes on my computer so I can quickly add it back if I change my mind.  Except for web browsers.  I collect web browsers and enjoy seeing how different developers attack roughly the same things.

I’m just happily deleting applications when I’m notified that there are updates.  I’m happily saving a few bits from being transferred for no current apparent reason.

It’s also interesting to note that many of the applications already have a web version of the product.  So, if I really feel a need, I can just load a web browser and access the application there.  The madness has ended!

I thought I was being strategic in my thinking until I stumbled across this article talking about a “post-app world”. 

Goodbye apps, hello smart agents: Are you ready for the post-app world?

I guess it turns out that my thinking wasn’t on the cutting edge.  As my daughter says, “it’s a thing”.

Who’s with me?

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