There are rules and then there are rules

On Facebook, I'm one of the co-moderators for a private group.  It's essentially a private group that shares memories "Do you remember when?" and then there's the occasional joke that's posted just to keep momentum going.  It's nice to be able to log in and see that there's something new. A little while ago, one … Continue reading There are rules and then there are rules


OTR Links 12/19/2015

Halloween How To: Dress Like the '1984' Macintosh Runner | MacTrast "If you’re running short of ideas for what to dress up as for Halloween, and if you live in a warm climate, you might want to consider dressing up like the runner in the iconic “1984” Macintosh commercial." tags: macintosh apple 1984 Watch 100 … Continue reading OTR Links 12/19/2015