This Week in Ontario Edublogs

There were some interesting things up for reading recently in Ontario Edublogs.

Glen Cairn Public School
This may well be one of the most important blog posts I’ve read recently.  It’s also a message for school and system administrators.  In the light of the event at Sandy Hook Elementary School, principal Shannon Smith reached out to her community assuring them of the safety issues at her school.

Obviously, you’ve got to appreciate a principal who is concerned about her community, but the message continues the promise that she made to use social media to keep parents informed.  She could have left it to her school district to do something on its website or perhaps used a robo phonecalling service but this approach was quick and decisive to reach out to all in advance of students coming back to school.


Brandon Grasley took the plunge and joined Danika Barker and Colin Jagoe in an conversation.  Of course, the really interesting part was that he shared his thoughts on doing so from being creepy to appreciative.

The Days before Christmas Break

I elected to grab three snippets from classroom teachers.  It’s not been an easy time to be a teacher in the province this fall.  As the school year heads into the Christmas Break, I think that these three posts show the professionalism that happens in Ontario classrooms all the time.  In the supposed “real world”, things wind down before holidays.

There may be a party at the office, some beverages served to kick off the holidays and some places even close early.  Not so in education.  Every minute counts.  Here are some examples.

Living. laughing and learning in P1

Northern Art Teacher

Changing Views

As always, some great blogging efforts from Ontario Educators.  Check them out at the links above or the complete collection at the LiveBinder site here.

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