Tis the Season…

…apparently for online presence awards.

Look for posts all over the web next week titled “Top 10 Reasons Why Blogging Awards Are Dumb” or something.

But for the moment, enjoy the moments and find some way to take away something positive from them for your own personal use.

There are probably a tonne of reasons why awards are offered including promoting a business interest, but I prefer to look at this as an opportunity to add even more to my overworked RSS reader.   I’m always on the lookout for new things to read and explore but, even more these days, I’m looking to see what others are experimenting with.  Particularly with online blogging efforts, if every post looks like the last, it may be difficult to make daily visit.  If a site just reviews a Web 2.0 website, I worry about the longevity of interest.  After all, you could just grab the title and visit the resource yourself.  I also recognize that there are some people who make a living from public speaking or selling a product and their blog or other web presence is there to raise awareness of them.  Good for that.

I’ve been involved in three recently.  I was inspired to write this post by a Twitter message from Alfred Thompson.  So, thanks, Alfred.   BTW, Alfred’s blog is one that I read all the time.  http://blog.acthompson.net  You should too!


Edublog Awards

My first trips here wasn’t actually the awards but in the The Edublogger Blog.  I found the viewpoints and the ideas so innovative.  Iyou hang around a while, you start to learn a bit more and I know of many who blog using their platform.  The power (and frustration) in their awards lies in the global reach of the nominees.  I think that it may be the most difficult to vote objectively on since there are so many nominees that I have never heard of.  It’s so difficult to evaluate them all but I did take a scan through their award nominee page and have already added new blogs to my RSS feed and will spend some time looking for new people to follow on Twitter.  Surprisingly, this keyboard was nominated in two categories.

nom-edtech-1ssjwcu nom-lifetime-qncy9g

It raises three questions – Good enough?  and Old enough?  Spell checker?

Sue’s going to kill me if she reads this post…

I’m sure it will be corrected if she wins the award.  For all that she has done for the Educational Blogging cause, she would be a worthy winner.

The EduBro Awards

I haven’t been to every US state computing conference but I’m a long time fan of MACUL, the Michigan Group.  Particularly since they’re just over the border, every other year when their conference is in Detroit, I can just hop the tunnel bus and a short walk later I’m at Cobo.  Opposite years, it’s a longer drive to Grand Rapids which has to be one of the prettiest places in the world.  I’ve met many educators from Michigan and they are so cool.  A highlight has to be Sally bringing her just born daughter to a session I was doing for our annual meeting and to introduce her to me.  If you ever do the whole conference, go to the social – there’s nothing like partying with a Michigander.  In Michigan, they are creative, innovative, and fun-loving and so it comes as no surprised that they’d take the same approach to their awards.

For fun, you create your own categories and then nominate from there.  I’m waiting patiently because I think I’m the only one nominated in this category.

I nominate @dougpete for Most Dedicated to #FollowFriday

I’ll be so demoralized if I don’t win this one.

MindShareLearning Awards

As much as I love promoting Ontario online efforts, Robert Martellaci takes his recognition country-wide.  In his awards, you’ll find Canadians from coast to coast and I’ll bet that you’ve heard of most of them.  So much great Canadian content and thinking.  It’s great to see such a promotion celebrating the efforts of Canadians.  I did win one of these awards even though I’m not teaching at the university this year.


I wonder if Robert will want it back?

The poison pens keyboards will be out shortly demeaning the concept or awards.

In the meantime, recognize that a lot of time and effort has been put into this by the individual organizers with the goal being to keeping the online education movement going and fun.  To me, that’s the real power behind all of this and, for that, I extend my thanks.


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