Moving Forward

I had an interesting conversation about educational leadership in the age of constant change in technology recently.  There was a time when you could make one wide sweeping decision and it would be functional for everyone.  Remember the expression “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”?

Is that realistic today?

It seems to me that it is totally impractical for a one size fits all solution.  That’s certainly the easiest way to go but with so many students and so many tools, the classroom practitioner now has so many more ways to address individual needs.

Where does that put the leader?

The best leader has an open mind.  As long as the primary educational goal is being addressed, and within district policy, innovation and ideas that work need to be embraced and celebrated.  This so evident in the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Learning and Leadership Program.

Recognition that great ideas originate from those on the front lines continues to ensure that we don’t get complacent just because a particular pedagogy worked with a particular student at one time.

Hats off to those of you who are constantly experimenting and looking for better ideas.  Where would we be without you?


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