Twitter to non-Twitterers

In yesterday’s post, I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek when I said:

The people who really need to read this aren’t on Twitter!  Hopefully, the excellent post will be printed or something so that the target audience reads it.

That’s always been a problem for those of us who use Twitter.  First, trying to convince others that they need to join and second, if they don’t join and there’s something that they really need to know, finding a way to get it to them.

I’ll do a lot of things but I won’t print a Twitter message!

@stepanpruch wouldn’t either.

But he does offer a solution that meets the non-Twitterer at least half way.  Surely the intended audience has an email account.

Those of us who use Hootsuite have had the email option available for a while.


If you’re not using the Hootsuite service, the official Twitter web interface supports it now in a feature added recently.



You no longer have to worry about keeping your colleagues anymore in the dark than they’ve already chosen to be.  A quick “send an email” is far quicker than a screen capture or a copy/paste job.

And who knows, maybe they’ll click the link and load Twitter and get curious enough to poke around on their own.




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