Of course, Alfred

Yesterday, my friend Alfred Thompson threw this Twitter message by me… Now, I know that he doesn’t get it.  When we’re together at events like the CSTA Symposium, he just doesn’t understand it when I complain loudly that I long for a good cup of coffee. But still, he felt compelled to run this TwitterContinue reading “Of course, Alfred”

OTR Links 11/28/2012

Groupnotes RT @iyantho: Hey @dougpete I need your Tech Maven skills to promote votes.Vote Canada and vote http://t.co/PEL7Qm2N tags: via:packrati.us Apple: Samsung batteries no longer powering iPads and MacBooks | BGR Samsung no longer supplies batteries to Apple for iPads and MacBooks – via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/adTEmZmR tags: via:packrati.us Soundslice: Tabs have never soundedContinue reading “OTR Links 11/28/2012”