Another Little Thing…

...that just made my life a little more productive. And, if you knew this, I apologize for wasting your time this morning.  If you didn't know this, then you're joining me in another discovery. It's an iPad feature that I just stumbled on.  I don't know how but I'm glad that I did. I have [...]

OTR Links 10/31/2012

Livescribe Sky Pen Sends Handwritten Notes To Evernote Via Wi-Fi | Cult of Mac "The Sky lets you write and draw on paper, and it then uploads your notes wirelessly (no computer required) to your Evernote account. From there you can immediately access them from your iPad, iPhone, Mac or any device with a browser." [...]

OTR Links 10/30/2012

Spongelab | History of Biology Game "These Mission Guides are designed for teachers and have the potential to spoil the game for players! If you use these docs, we're not responsible for any feelings of "this game is amazing - i wish i hadn't spoiled the mystery, intrigue and suspense!"" tags: history biology Monday Molly [...]

OTR Links 10/29/2012

Top Google Apps for Education If you are managing or are a part of an educational institution that does not have a dedicated online system for mail, calendar and other such online activities, Google is the company that you should choose. tags: google google apps apps education Google Apps | Top Ten Reasons "Top 10 [...]